Students at Mid Cape Global Academy help donate items to local church

A seventh-grade class at Mid Cape Global Academy is on a mission to feed people one bag at a time.

Karina Delagarza and her classmates spent the last week filling these bags with products for people struggling during the pandemic. Nineteen students worked on filling the bags with donations from staff at the school.

The bags will go to Abundant Grace Fellowship, a church in Fort Myers that provides food to those in need on Sundays and Wednesdays.

“They have shaving cream, shavers, snacks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss,” Delagarza said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s jobs, said Andre Simmon, also a seventh-grader.

“Prices are going up so it’s harder for them to buy things,” Simmon said. “I can help them while they’re on the street so I hope that this will help them in need.”

Kendrew Malbranche, also a seventh-grader, said it makes him feel happy to some good for people in need.

Sarah Faulkner, a pastor at the church, said the gesture from the students “says a lot of the people that are coming up behind us, the so-called next generation.”

Mary Nies, at Abundant Grace Fellowship, said homeless people feel ignored by society.

“They don’t feel like people care,” Nies said.

Simmon said he hopes the packets help people.

“I just hope they can use it in a beneficial way,” Simmon said.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Melissa Montoya
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