Man charged with murder of pregnant woman, abortion of unborn twins in Fort Myers

The Fort Myers Police Department has made an arrest in connection to a November homicide that left a pregnant woman and her unborn children dead. He faces several charges ranging from murder to two counts of partial birth abortion.

“Something radically wrong happened that day,” said Attorney Pam Seay, an FGCU professor of legal studies. “That means the baby is partially delivered, and there’s a death as a result … You can’t hurt a baby. You just can’t. That is just so wrong.”

According to FMPD, Serge Lefevre, 37, was arrested Friday in Charlotte County by a U.S. Marshals Task Force, on a warrant issued by the State Attorney’s Office.

Nov. 30, at 1:10 p.m., 911 dispatch received a call from Lefevre saying he needed an ambulance at an apartment at Cypress Court Apartments. He said a woman had a seizure, was unconscious and not breathing.

The victim was then declared dead at 1:42 p.m. and Lefevre and four small children were escorted out of the residence.

The FMPD Homicide Unit responded to the scene to investigate her death.

On February 5, detectives received the Medical Examiner’s report stating the manner of death was a homicide.

On February 12, 2021, Lefevre was arrested and faces charges of:

Murder – Second Degree as defined in F.S.S. 782.04 (2)
Partial-Birth Abortion as defined in F.S.S. 782.34 (two counts)
Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon as defined in F.S.S. 784.45 (2b)
Aggravated Battery (Pregnant Victim) as defined in F.S.S. 784.045 (l)(b)
Kidnapping as defined in F.S.S. 787.01
False Imprisonment as defined in F.S.S. 787.0

Serge Lefevre will be in court Saturday in Charlotte County for his first appearance.

Marsy’s Law has been invoked in this case protecting the name of the victim.

Reporter:Breana Ross
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