How to find your unemployment tax documents for filing season

Today’s the first day you can file for your tax refund and experts say you should file early. But tax time is also causing some trouble.

Many of you who are collecting unemployment for the first time have encountered issues. WINK News walks you through getting the necessary documents.

Many of you are wondering where to get your 1099-G form. According to its weekly update, the Department of Economic Opportunity says it sent claimants their personalized form by mail or made it available on CONNECT back in January:

  • The Department completed electronically processing 1099-G Tax Forms for all claimants on January 17, 2021. All claimants should have access to their 1099-G Tax Form in their CONNECT account.
  • Claimants who opted to receive communication from the Department through U.S. Mail should have received their 1099-G tax form no later than January 31, 2021. 1099-G Forms were also made available in CONNECT for these claimants on January 17, 2021.
  • If a claimant did not receive their 1099-G tax form by January 31, 2021, they received a 1099-G tax form by mistake, or their 1099-G tax form is incorrect, please click here for additional resources to obtain the form.
  • The Department has created Frequently Asked Questions to provide more information about the 1099-G Tax Form.

But if you still haven’t been able to access it, there are a few options for you to get it now.

How to get your information from the DEO

There are three options. You should be able to get an electronic copy if you log into CONNECT and go to “My 1099-G and 49Ts“ in the main menu. DEO says this is the fastest way to get your tax forms.

Also, you can have a copy mailed to you. You do have to make sure that you have your most updated address in the connect system. They say copies should’ve been mailed to you if you have on record that you’ve selected US mail as your correspondence type. If you can’t access it online, or you haven’t gotten the mail copy. You can request it by submitting a request at and fill out the form.

However, WINK News is still hearing from some people who say they aren’t able to access the form on their CONNECT account, the form is showing up blank, or they have already requested another copy and they’ve still not received it in the mail. We’re working on getting your questions and concerns answered and will update this story when we get new information.

Reporter:Sara Girard
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