DeSantis announces COVID-19 vaccination site in Charlotte County gated community

Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference within a gated community in Charlotte County at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

During the event, DeSantis announced the establishment of a COVID-19 vaccination site in the community of Kings Gate in Charlotte County.

The three-day site began operating Thursday morning and will administer 1,000 vaccines per day through Saturday, February 13, for a total of 3,000 vaccines for seniors 65+ in Kings Gate, Port Charlotte Village, and Maple Leaf Country Club only.

This is good news for people like Roberta Dugan and her husband Vincent, who has Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

“We’ve been waiting for this,” she said, emotionally. “My husband is on oxygen and he has COPD. It’s a blessing. We’re very happy.”

Appointments for pre-registered seniors have already been filled through the community.

DeSantis said, “when you have these communities from an administrative perspective, they can get the folks, they can get the sign-ups, and really we just come with the logistics and come with the stuff.” He added. “We want to be involved broader. We want more retail sites in Charlotte County and we’re going to be working to make that happen.”

The state is also coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get shots to WWII and Korean War veterans at home.

Capt. John Arens of Charlotte County said, “I’m glad of that, but this is all happening the way it is and the veterans are being taken care of too.”

Referring to Capt. Arens, DeSantis said, “Many of them are able to get around, and quite frankly John is in pretty good shape for 94, but you have some who may not be able to do that.”

It’s more shots in arms for Florida’s most vulnerable. A shot to say “Thank you” to our nation’s heroes.

Captain Arens and his wife will get their second dose in early March.

The program is also open to Holocaust survivors and Bay of Pigs Invasion veterans.

For more information on vaccines and homebound vets visit

Watch DeSantis’ press conference on Thursday here.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:WINK News
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