Crime scene at the 3000 block of 68th St W in Lehigh Acres. Credit: WINK News

Family recants statement that Lee County deputy shot a man in Lehigh Acres

A Lehigh Acres neighborhood became a crime scene early Thursday when a man was shot in the leg.

It happened along a dead-end street on 68th Street West near Karen Avenue.

Family members of the man were initially adamant on Thursday that the only person who fired a gun behind the home was a deputy. However, the sheriff’s office said in a statement, “The deputy that discharged his firearm did NOT shoot and injure ANY subjects.”

Now, 24-hours after the incident, the family has walked back their statements, saying they are now unsure who shot the victim in the leg.

A neighbor who wouldn’t go on camera said she heard loud arguing, then one or two gunshots. She said the whole house woke up, afraid of what was happening outside.

“It’s very scary. You wake up and don’t know what’s going on. You just see lights, hear stuff, and at first, you just think there’s somebody at your house … was like someone broke in with a gun.”

Other neighbors heard the helicopter, then saw flashing lights. No one would tell them what was happening.

“It’s really scary. I mean my kids are always outside playing and we live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, so to hear that happening here in Lehigh Acres on this side of town is kind of crazy to me,” said neighbor Luis Burbano.

The sheriff’s office has not said what led to the shooting or whether there is still a suspect on the run as it remains under investigation.

The family of the man who was shot said he will be OK.

Editors note: In an earlier version of this story, the family of the victim said the deputy shot a man but has since recanted that statement. 

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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