How a ‘third nail update’ to your home that could save you hundreds on insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is going up for many Floridians.

Between litigation and reinsurance prices, carriers have growing costs and they don’t want your home to be one of them. That’s why some companies will offer people a discount for what is called third nail mitigation.

What is it?

Jason Evilsizer with LGT Restoration is a “Third Nail Guy.” He spends his time crawling around hot, dark, South Florida attics with just his headlight and a nail gun.

Evilsizer is up there to add a third nail to the existing hurricane straps. Homes built around 2001 and prior usually just have two nails. The hurricane straps go along the trusses in the attic, helping to keep the roof attached to the wall.

“It gives you more uplift resistance than just the two nails.  High winds, storms, what they do is they push in on your walls, and they lift up on your roof,” Evilsizer said.

The more secure your roof, the happier your insurance company. The happier your insurance company, the more money you’ll save.


That’s money Michael and Estelle Oren want to keep in their pocket, especially after moving to Florida and finding out how much homeowner’s insurance costs.

“We were in absolute shock and astounded,” Oren said.

The job cost the Orens $850 and will save them $450 a year on their insurance.

“That’s a really big savings for, you know, an older couple who live on Social Security, basically,” Oren said.

They say it is an investment that will pay off in the long run and allow them to live comfortably in their new city.

“My husband’s a veteran and he’s been treated with such respect and everybody’s been so helpful to us,” Oren said. “We just absolutely fell in love.”

Is it for me?

To find out if you could benefit from this service, track down your most recent wind mitigation report and call your insurance company to see if the job makes sense for your property.

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