1 injured on Pine Island in fire in neighborhood

Matlacha-Pine Island Fire Department responded to a fire with injuries on Pine Island Monday afternoon.

Firefighters were in the 5300 block of Genesee Parkway, where they have not confirmed what a fire involved. Firefighters did say there was visible smoke at the scene when crew members arrived near homes. The scene is just south of Bokeelia on the island.

One person was airlifted to the hospital for burn injuries, but firefighters have not confirmed the severity or the individual’s health status. A neighbor told us that person had to be airlifted to Bradenton for treatment.

Yellow tape was put up around a food trailer at the property of the scene. There are no confirmed details about the how it might be involved at this time.

Trust us to update you as soon as new information is available. 

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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