SWFL Publix vaccine slots booked within 45 minutes Wednesday morning

Publix vaccine slots for Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties became available at 6 a.m. Wednesday and filled up by 6:45 a.m. The appointment times will begin Thursday.

The process had been adjusted to work like this: The sign-up page displayed a counter ticking down until the next time the page refreshed. A list of Florida counties showed how many appointment slots still remained in each one. Many people were trying to sign up at once, so things proceeded slowly, but nothing needed to be clicked; the website brought you to a scheduling page automatically open refreshing once room became available.

Publix appointments are for Florida residents 65 and older. You should be able to book multiple people. If you were unable to book an appointment Wednesday, Friday will be your next opportunity.

During the Publix Pharmacy booking process, you may be asked for Medicare information if you are on Medicare. The shot is still given at no cost to you whether or not you choose to provide that information.

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: If you got your first shot before the residency requirement change, you can still get your second dose without proving residency. Health care providers are exempt from the requirement. The requirement only applies to your first dose.

PDFResidency requirement checklist

Click here to see the full list of Florida locations.

Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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