Donalds willing to work with Biden administration, but dismayed by executive actions

Published: January 26, 2021 6:33 PM EST
Updated: January 26, 2021 6:38 PM EST

President Joe Biden signed four more executive actions Tuesday, reversing former President Donald Trump’s orders before the end of his presidency. We looked at how this could impact the divide between the Democrat and Republican parties.

We spoke to Florida U.S. Congressman Byron Donalds (R) who told us he is willing to work with the Biden administration, but said Biden’s countless executive orders are a bad sign.

Still, Donalds says it’s time for everyone to accept Joe Biden is the news president of the United States.

“It’s gonna take everybody, not just elected officials,” Donalds said. “It’s going to take media. It’s gonna take citizens to try to, you know, move past this point.”

But, for Donalds, acceptance doesn’t mean surrender.

“We have to decide as Americans, are we going to, you know, honor the presidency, honor the institution, while still holding our political beliefs, still holding each other accountable and still fighting for the America that we want to see,” Donalds said.

When we asked the Donalds about Trump, he told us the former president is here to stay.

Trump opened up an official office in Palm Beach since leaving the White House to handle all of his future political affairs and to continue the work he started while in president.

Donalds told us he’ll work with any administration but says time will tell what the outcome will be.

“I think what gets missed so often is that this phrase working together means that we’re going to agree. No,” Donalds said. “What it means is we’re actually going to go and do the hard work, really dig into the issues and try to find the best solution to move forward. So that remains to be seen.”

Donalds said that’s because, while Biden preaches unity, he feels Biden never extended an olive branch. Instead, Donalds points to the president’s nearly 30 executive powers he’s issued since taking office, most of them undoing what Trump put in place.

“If you really believed in those words, he would actually take these items to Congress and let us deliberate them,” Donalds said.