SW Florida women come together virtually for Women’s March of Fort Myers

Saturday, women from across Southwest Florida virtually came together to celebrate during the Women’s March of Fort Myers.

These people were celebrating not only a new President but the first-ever female Vice President.

The march was not held in the streets this year because of COVID-19 but they were still able to gather virtually.

They spoke about a range of topics, from $15-per-hour minimum wage to racial justice to affordable housing and childcare.

Kathy Mayo is the Vice President of the Women’s March of Fort Myers.

“We want to see access to all types of care and we want all of those options available to people,” said Mayo. “Everybody has a different situation in life and we want that to be recognized, we don’t want it to be legislated by a man in a suit and you know three counties away.”

Connie Bennett-Martin spoke during the virtual event.

“It’s time to come together it’s time for a country to heal, it’s time to stop looking backwards and start moving forward and we’re hoping that part of our rally and the steps that were taking is truly going to be the path forward, the path forward for a better fort Myers a better Lee County, a better world,” said Bennett-Martin.

You can rewatch the entire conversation in the stream below or by following this link.

To learn more about The Women’s March in Fort Myers, you can visit their website.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Drew Hill
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