Safety & Security: Beware of crooks running parking lot scams

It’s not uncommon to hear a stranger say hello in a store parking lot or in a store, but that hello might not have good intentions behind it.

We looked at how crooks are using their niceness to steal your cash.

We got word of a new scam in Florida: After people finish shopping and leave the store, a person befriends you while walking to the car. You open the door to get in, and the crook quickly and covertly does something so your door won’t close.

Now, they tell you they are a mechanic and can fix it quickly for a price.

Officer Kristin Capuzzi of Fort Myers Police Department says people can be too trusting.

“It seems like a great scam because they befriend the person, obviously, maybe elderly, a lot of people are just open and kind of let the person in and feel a little bit trusting, and that’s when they fall victim,” Capuzzi explained.

If your car worked when you went into the store, and it magically doesn’t when you return, but someone is there to fix it, be careful.

“Stay in the car; keep your windows up; and make that call to us or someone else that can help you out,” Capuzzi said.

Be vigilant. If a stranger walking you to your car just doesn’t seem right, the best thing to do is probably go past your car and walk back into the store.

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Reporter:Rich Kolko
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