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Naples City Councilman Christman tests positive for COVID-19, mild symptoms

The City of Naples confirmed Thursday Councilman Raymond Christman tested positive for the coronavirus recently and has been attending City Council meetings virtually during self-isolation. Christman said his symptoms have been mostly mild.

“During both the Naples City Council workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and the regular City Council meeting held yesterday, Councilman Christman attended virtually,” the city shared in an email reply. “It was during yesterday’s meeting, in the correspondence and communication portion of the agenda, Councilman Christman spoke of the challenges he has faced related to acquiring COVID-19.”

During the Wednesday council meeting, Christman updated Council and the City about his condition since testing positive for COVID-19.

“I was diagnosed late last week with COVID,” Christman said. “I began to feel ill last week. I went into the emergency room at Naples Community Hospital one evening last weekend to get tested because the symptoms seemed pretty obvious to me, and indeed, I was COVID-positive.”

Christman said he was happy with the care he received at the hospital.

“NCH, by the way, did a wonderful job in how they handled the situation,” Christman said.

Christman said he felt the affects of symptoms early on but is positive toward his recovery.

“I came home and had a couple of rough days,” Christman said. “I began to feel better, really, starting yesterday, and my symptoms seem to be lessening, and based on the quarantine schedule that I’ve been given — hopefully thigs continue to go they way they are — I’ll be able to leave quarantine by some time early next week.”

Christman said his wife has not tested positive for COVID-19, since he first learned he had.

“That’s made things easier as well,” he said.

Christman thanked everyone working and living in the City of Naples.

“We all wish Councilman Christman a speedy and full recovery,” the City shared in its email to WINK News.

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