Southwest Floridians deal with ups and downs of waiting for second dose callbacks

It’s no secret people are frustrated with the coronavirus vaccine process. In Southwest Florida, more technical difficulties showed up for those continuing in their pursuit to register for the coronavirus vaccine.

In Lee County several couples told us one spouse was told they were not in the system and therefore could not schedule an appointment. Tidal Basin is the company managing vaccine scheduling in Lee County and says it’s working to fix this problem.

A couple we spoke to hopes this issue is fixed quickly, so they can get their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine together.

David and Karla McBride stood in line for their first dose together, and they waited all weekend for their call to schedule their second dose. When they didn’t get a call, they called the number in the text message David received, hoping to get an appointment together.

“They said they could give me an appointment, but I said, ‘Well, how about my wife?’” David explained. “I said, ‘She got the shot at the same time, and they said she’s not on our records.’”

“Why wouldn’t I be in the records?” Karla said.

With only one appointment secured, the McBrides say they’d do anything for a sure shot at their second dose together.

“It was a lot more comfortable to stand in line for five and a half hours,” David said. “That was easy. This is just frustration.”

Elsa and John Reilly say they agree after waiting all weekend and missing out on calls with family. They’re still waiting for a text, a call and a reason to hope.

“You’re afraid to go anywhere where you’re not going to hear the phone,” Elsa Reilly said.

“Today is my granddaughter’s birthday. She asked me if we’ll Facetime with her for her birthday,” John Reilly said. “And she just had an operation for cancer, so I couldn’t do that. We have to keep the phones open until we get a call.”

Lee County says it will be making calls throughout the rest of the week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. if you have not received a call yet for your second dose, there is still hope.

For those who still need their first, the County told us we would receive information about that Monday, but it did not happen. We are told the county manager will update Lee County Board of County Commissioners Tuesday.

After waiting all weekend, Patricia Joyce finally got her call. She’s a cancer survivor whose been locked down for a year. She’s hoping everyone else gets a call, and the same hope she did.

“Today is just like the best day for me. It couldn’t be better,” Joyce said. “I know from how upset and sad I was last night to where I am today. Just hope.”

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Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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