Trash piling up in Lehigh Acres has neighbors upset

Trash is beginning to pile up in an area of Southwest Florida. From food wrappers to car parts, neighbors in Lehigh Acres have seen it all. And they’re upset that nothing is being done.

Most of the roads in Lehigh Acres are lined with trash. So many people have taken to Facebook to post about it.

James Pinia lives in Lehigh. “I started seeing all the surgical gloves and all the food, and animals were tearing into it and the kids had to go to the bus stop, and it would be scattered all over the ground.”

For Pinia, it’s more than how dirty the area looks. His worry is that it could be a health risk for kids who wait at the bus stop every morning.

“Something that happens all the time and people just dump the garbage out right on the school bus stop. They had surgical gloves and trash,” Pinia said.

Trash has become such an issue in Lehigh Acres that neighbors have decided to take matters into their own hands.

“People are dumping it on my grandkids bus stop. So I had to make a sign to stop the trash from being dumped,” Pinia said.

Not only did he put up signs, but he would come out every day with bags to pick up some of the items.

“Please stop dumping!” he said. “Do you have a garbage can at your house? Put your garbage in the garbage can. Don’t dump it out by the street.”

Many people told WINK News that they have asked the county for help. But, for now, all those neighbors in Lehigh Acres ask is that people not only take care of their community but look out for the wellbeing of others.

So, they wanted everyone to stop dumping in Lehigh Acres.

WINK News did reach out to Lee County and a spokesperson told us that they’re looking to the situation.

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
Writer:Drew Hill
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