Lee County to continue call backs for second COVID-19 vaccine dose through Monday

Many of you are frustrated after being told you would get a call back to schedule the second dose of your COVID-19 vaccine. While some lament their negative experiences, we do have some hope for you.

Dozens of people have called and emailed WINK News, saying how agonizing it has been waiting for a call about the last vaccine dose.

For Patricia Burke of Bonita Springs, it’s been months since she’s seen her family. “We’ve been quarantining. We’ve been doing all kinds of things. This is the first time that I didn’t get to be with my family for Christmas,” Burke said.

“My kids and my kids in Massachusetts and Virginia. So to be able to do that again will be great. And to be able to take the worry from them that they would give it to us,” she said.

So, she jumped at the first chance she got of what could be considered freedom. Just one month ago, Patricia Burke got in line for the COVID-19 vaccine at 3:30 a.m. and waited in line for hours. All for the opportunity to be reunited with her family.

“At 3:30 in the morning, it’s still dark. But I think we were around 200 in line at that point. And we brought snacks, and chairs, and books, and stuff like that so we were fine,” said Burke.

For the last three days, she’s been waiting by the phone. Lee County told people who got their first vaccine dose between December 28 and December 30, 2020, that they would call them to schedule their second dose of the vaccine.

Luckily, around 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon, she was able to book her appointment for the second and final dose. And, for her, this means the world.

“You can look at people as people not as germ sources. Because now we’re just looking at people like ‘do you have germs?'” Burke said. “‘Are you going to make me sick?’ ‘Are you going to do this?’ Now we don’t have to do that.”

Meanwhile, Ron Fabiszak and his partner, Mary Ellen on Fort Myers Beach are still sitting by the phone waiting for the life-changing call.

“We’re still sitting here. We’re still waiting and it’s a frustrating situation,” said Fabiszak.

“We’re kind of dead-ended at this point.”

Ron and Mary Ellen did eventually get their call back for the second dose and were able to setup their appointments.

If you are also still waiting, a spokesperson for Lee county did say that calls would be continuing and to keep your phone by your side.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Drew Hill
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