Friends of Porter Albert hope he’ll be found safe after he’s been missing for a year

Published: January 15, 2021 3:54 PM EST
Updated: January 15, 2021 5:31 PM EST

Porter Albert hasn’t been seen since January 15, 2020. He disappeared after visiting the Big Lots store on Cleveland Avenue in North Fort Myers. His friends are still holding out hope that he’ll return safe and sound.

Jim Domalik came to that very parking lot on Friday and was on the verge of tears.  “I just want to cry. I’m heartbroken,” he said.

One year ago, on January 15, Domalik’s close friend Porter Albert disappeared. “Tonight about 10 o’clock was the last time I saw him, you know, so apologize. I get emotional cause he’s a great friend of mine and dearly missed,” Domalik said.

Domalik discussed the details of his last conversation with Albert. “‘Talk to you tomorrow.’ You know we talked every day. I spoke with him every day; we hang out together,” Domalik said.

For an entire year now, he’s tried his hardest to keep spirits up and keep hope alive. But, a year is a long time, and it’s hard for the fear not to appear in the back of his mind.

“Three-four times a week, he comes up on my mind. Sometimes I wake up in the morning wonder what Porter is up to today?” he asks.

He considered Porter Albert to be a mentor of sorts. A man who taught him so many life lessons. There’s one particular life lesson that sticks out to Domalik the most.

“The importance of friends and family, you know. Basically just being, you know, there for your friends and for your family,” Domalik said.

He has taken that lesson to heart. So now, he’s asking that everyone watching say something if you see something.

Jim Domalik misses his friend. “Call somebody. Please call someone with some information. Let’s find Porter,” he said.

Domalik’s goal in the new year is to bring his friend home.