Cape Coral homeowner removes wooden plank with nails used to keep cars off lawn

UPDATE: Cape Coral police called said the homeowner has removed the wood with the nails in it, adding that the homeowner is very apologetic.

The homeowner told police he just had new grass put down and it kept getting run over. He said was only trying to deter people from driving over his lawn.

CCPD said because this was a safety issue it was not allowed, and the homeowner voluntarily removed them.

Original story:

A resident of a Cape Coral neighborhood appears to be using wooden planks, with 4-inch long nails, to keep people off his lawn.

Neighbors in the area of SE 15 Terrace and SE 6 Avenue are perplexed after seeing a man put the nails on his lawn near the street. They say they see it as a hostile message in a residential area filled with activity.

Attempts to reach the man were unsuccessful.

“I actually came out you know walk the dog this morning,” said Scott Williams, a nearby neighbor. “I happen to see it, I said, holy cow.”

Williams said there are kids all over the place and the bus stops at almost every other street. Families walk their dogs often, too, he said.

Williams said he is worried for the safety of his own three children.

“I said oh my God, what if we didn’t see this because they’re very small, you know, you have to really get up close to actually see them,” Williams said.

Another neighbor, Bob Conroy, said he flipped over the planks so the nails would go into the ground but that didn’t last long.

“He put them back out again,” Conroy said. “If somebody hits that, ends up with a flat fire and ends in my room, yeah, I don’t want to see that.”

No neighbors have reported the wooden planks to police or code enforcement. WINK News called Code Enforcement and now they are aware of the potential safety hazard.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Melissa Montoya
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