Survey asks Cape Coral residents about their city

Cape Coral wants you to fill out a survey on the pros and cons of living there. Residents told WINK News about some of the concerns they expressed in their responses.

“We don’t have affordable housing in this town for people that are low-income,” said Julie Lombardi. “You’re paying $1,500 for rent… you have nothing left.”

“Water quality is the worst, I think,” said Chester Klopotowski. “I had to get a system for my home for my tap water, the other water was just… I couldn’t drink, it was the worst.”

The whole point of this survey is to determine what is working and what isn’t, so Cape Coral can better itself in the long term.

Some questions include:

  • Why do you leave Cape Coral during the week?
  • What are the city’s strengths?
  • What are its weaknesses?
  • What are the greatest threats to the city?

Cape Coral completes a similar survey to this every other year called the National Community Survey.  All of this is to gain perspective and make potential changes.

If you live in Cape Coral and haven’t received it yet, keep checking your email; it needs to be completed by Wednesday, Jan. 20.

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