Credit: Desiree Deliz via SWFL Eagle Cam Twitter account.

Eagles Harriet, M15’s eggs safe after possible owl attack at nest in North Fort Myers

According to the SWFL Eagle Cam Twitter account, Monday, Harriet, male eagle M15 and their two eggs were unharmed during a possible owl attack at their nest in North Fort Myers.

A video shared by the SWFL Eagle Cam and “Lady Hawk” showed what appeared to be a possible owl strike close to 1:45 a.m.

According to the description shared by “Lady Hawk,” “M15 is on the outer attic branch when an owl appears to knock him off the branch. He suddenly falls onto a lower branch while Harriet sounds distress vocals … It makes sense that it was an owl strike. Thankfully M is [OK] and is back on the outer attic keeping watch over Harriet.”

The SWFL Eagle Cam tweeted, “H & M continue to work in perfect harmony as we close in on the incubation period. Even with last night’s owl attack, they are unstoppable!”

We last reported Harriet had laid a new egg in the middle of this past December. On the Dick Pritchett Real Estate website, countdown for the hatching of both eggs is at at less than two weeks — “Egg 1” with 8 days, “Egg 2” with 11 days.

Watch the video below of the possible owl attack of the eagle nest or on YouTube:

Watch the live SWFL Eagle Cam below or on the Dick Pritchett Real Estate website:

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