FDOT’s ‘Diverging Diamond’ project to make reaching I-75 in Lee County easier

Published: January 11, 2021 3:56 PM EST
Updated: January 11, 2021 4:41 PM EST

Colonial Boulevard heading to I-75 in Fort Myers is a messy area. But, the Florida Department of Transportation plans to make traveling there easier.

Crews are working to build what is known as a “diverging diamond” interchange. This is said to ease the flow of traffic by directing it to the left to enter the interchange and going back again.

Brian Bollas is the FDOT community outreach manager and is overseeing this project. “In effect, you’re almost, increasing the capacity, because you’ve improved the efficiency of the interchange,” Bollas said. “because you’re able to get more cars through in the same amount of time.”

In addition to the diverging diamond, FDOT is also working on creating a continuous flow intersection at Six Mile Cypress and Ortiz Avenue. Both interchanges will limit the number of left turns, which are often dangerous for drivers.

“Left-hand turns are the crashes that we typically see that, you know, have the most injuries caused the most, you know, left hand turns are pretty you know we’re trying to mitigate those as much as we can,” said Bollas.

But that’s not all, FDOT is also working on a superstreet intersection at Colonial and Forum Boulevards. The goal of all of these projects is to make it easier for drivers.

“With the growing Fort Myers and Lee County populations you know we need to kind of get ahead and make sure that we’re providing a safe and efficient transportation system,” Bollas said.

No one in Lee County is against making traffic move more smoothly. But drivers are worried that all the planned work, does that mean lane closures over the next three years? FDOT says yes there will be lane closures but not during peak travel times.