scam alert

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is warning about FPL scams

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about scammers using the FPL number.

The criminals are using FPL’s pay by phone number and telling residents that their electric bill is overdue. They are then demanding the balance be paid off via Cash App or and Money Pack cards to avoid having your electricity turned off.

Real companies, such as FPL will never request payment via gift card or cash transfer app.

If you’re unsure whether the real FPL number or a scammer has called you, you can always hang up and call the number that you know to be correct. You can find that number on your secure online account or on your billing statement.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is asking that if you receive one of these calls or become a victim of this scam, call their fraud line at 239-258-3292.

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