Stimulus payments are headed to you

Stimulus checks are going out as you’re reading this. They could come by check, debit card or direct deposit. And those checks are going to struggling people and families.

In March, Matthew Delaney and his wife went from having two incomes to one.

“We’ve had to cut back to one vehicle cut, you know, cut back on a lot of unnecessary things,” Delaney said.

His wife was a waitress, but decided to stay home because she was pregnant.

“Now we’re 35-36 weeks pregnant. We just… neither of us think it’s a good idea,” Delaney said. “Because, you know, even wear the mask and stuff. There’s just so much. There’s just so much close contact and things like that.”

So their $1200 payment will go to catching up on bills. “We are, like, exactly one month behind on my power, and I’m almost a month behind on rent,” Delaney said.

Suzan Naskrent got her check on Monday and said she’s donating her money to the Suncoast Humane Society.

“I believe in humans, and I think a lot of times when things get really rough day, forget about the animals,” Naskrent said.

Her pets helped her through some tough times.

“I don’t think I would have made it through. Just being able to go out in the backyard, and play with them gave me a lot of joy, and going for walks,” Naskrent said.

To get the status of your stimulus check, use the IRS ‘get my payment’ tool. But remember, the site is experiencing delays because of high traffic.

If someone you know lives in an assisted living facility, the FTC wants to remind those people the money is theirs, not the facilities’. If you hear of any issues make sure to contact the Attorney General.

Writer:Drew Hill
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