Stray bullet strikes home in Collier County, frightening family

A family awoke on New Year’s Eve Day to find a bullet that came close to striking one of their own.

The Herrons, who live in the Hitching Post community in Collier County, said they heard a lot of bangs and noise, but it wasn’t until Friday morning they noticed a bullet had made it close to striking their nephew.

“Me and Kenny were sitting here watching the fireworks go off and I stepped in the house to get something and we heard something hit the roof,” said Frances Herron, who is from West Virginia.

Her nephew Kenneth Roby, 65, said he heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the front of the house. Stuff landed on him.

The family wasn’t sure if it had been a stray bullet until Jackson Herron checked it out with his metal detector.

Roby said the bullet hit the ground right behind him.

“Gave me the shakes just how big it was,” Roby said.

When Frances Herron saw the bullet, it nearly blew her away.

“Kenny, you was lucky,” she said. “Very lucky.”

The Herron said they hear gunfire nearly every New Year’s they have spent in the neighborhood. They wonder whether it’s wise to continue watching fireworks outside or if they should move it indoors.

“Guess God was on my side this time,” Roby said.

His aunt agrees.

“We were lucky last night but that’s not to say we will be the next time,” she said.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:WINK News
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