Man arrested for exposing himself to jogger while driving around Naples

Published: December 22, 2020 11:18 PM EST
Updated: December 23, 2020 4:46 AM EST

Technology helped nab a man who is accused of exposing himself to a jogger.

Monday, Naples Police Department arrested Michael McLean for exposing himself. Police say they were able to catch him after reviewing recordings from traffic cameras.

According to NPD, police responded to the area of Anchor Rode Drive and Crayton Road.

McLean was previously arrested for indecent exposure in South Carolina, and there are other cases linked to him in other states for the same thing.

“My wife sometimes walks the dogs by herself too, and that’s ridiculous,” Steve Buth said.

Buth has lived in the Moorings area of Naples for 14 years and says this could have all too easily happened to his wife.

“Goes right along with the whole year, just a bizarre year,” Buth said.

According to NPD, a woman was running along the road when she noticed a man driving by. He pulled up to the woman and asked her, “which way was downtown.”

That’s when investigators say the victim noticed McLean did not have any pants on and was touching himself before he drove away.

Traffic cameras helped police track down the suspect. Police reviewed them to find the car involved, and a few days later the license plate recognition cameras caught McLean in the same area.

“It’s good to hear that sometimes things like that work out, you know?” Buth said.

McLean is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.