Lee County commissioner is confident in COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccinations for the coronavirus are not currently available to the general public. The vaccine will not be available until the first initial phases are complete. Many of the decisions for vaccine priority is being decided on a federal level.

There are not yet many specifics for locally, but leaders in Southwest Florida we spoke to have full faith in the governor’s plan to protect us from the COVID-19.

Lee County Board of County Commissioners says it will follow the state’s vaccine protocol to the tee, whatever it turns out to be.

“We can’t afford to mess this up,” Commissioner Brian Hamman said. “We need to be in perfect communication with the state and with their distribution plan, and we need to execute on that plan seamlessly.”

As more of the vaccine becomes available, Hamman said he hopes to use current testing sites such as CenturyLink Sports Complex as a place to go for the vaccine.

“I certainly think that’s something we would push for, but again, the state is going to lead the charge on that,” Hamman said.

Hamman told us he’s confident the vaccine is a game changer because he trusts the science and the scientists.

“The people who are making these vaccines, this is their life’s work. This is their job. This is something they’re putting everything into,” Hamman said. “The people who are viewing this certainly don’t want to let something out that might be damaging or harmful to the public. They’re working very hard to make sure that it’s safe.”

Hamman says Lee County is ready for any call to action.

“If that means sending our emergency medical services personnel into assisted living facilities to help do vaccinations, we stand ready to work out those plans with the department of health,” Hamman said.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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