Family has inflatable Christmas decorations stolen

A family in south Fort Myers had their Christmas decorations set up in their front yard for everyone to enjoy.  Then, someone stole them.

The family says they no longer feel safe in their neighborhood. After someone swiped six of their holiday inflatables, a void was left not only in their lives but in their hearts.

Lisa loves to go all out for Christmas decorations which is evident in the presence of her candy canes, Santa Claus and other things. Her seven inflatables were the highlight of her setup and the favorite of her 8-year-old son Michael, who is on the Autism Spectrum.

“He loves watching them blow up and you know he touches them and you know he thinks they’re kind of like toys,” Lisa said.

Michael helps his dad put them up. “Grab me this grab me that help me with this help me with that and you can tell that you know what you can tell that it gives him a good feeling,” said Vince, his father.

Sunday night, the inflatables lit up their south Fort Myers neighborhood.  But, Monday morning, only one remained in the yard.

The family believes that someone took them and left nothing but the string behind.

“He said ‘they’re gone’ and I said ‘yes, yes you know unfortunately your blow ups are gone.’ It’s hard to explain to him cause a lot of the time he doesn’t understand things,” Lisa said.

“It’s been a little something in the heart because it’s just of all the things Christmas decorations why?” Lisa said.

Vince and Lisa have a message for the person who took the inflatables. They just want you to help them out.

“I would love for you to bring them back especially for my son he really does miss them and they’re important to him and he loves Christmas and it would bring up his spirits and everyone else in the family,” Lisa said.

If you know anything about the missing inflatables, you are asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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