Man records reckless driver swerving on roadway, hitting other vehicle

A man took matters into his own hands after seeing a car swerve in and out of lanes during morning rush hour Wednesday.

It all happened along US-41 near Limetree Park in Bonita Springs at 7 a.m.

Matt King told us he followed the car for about a mile. He rolled down his window and was trying to tell the driver to pull over.

King said he had just dropped off his little boy at day care and was on his way to work when he caught the car he was following on camera hitting another on US-41.

“I was driving down Coconut Point mall, and I saw this car swerving off the road, ramping through ditches, just, it was crazy,” King explained.

King said he followed the car because worried they were going to hurt somebody.

“I had to chase him down to get him to stop,” King said.

After the driver hit the other car, King says they kept going.

“You just hit that guy back there. Pullover man,” King could be heard saying on his recording.

People who drive this road every day were shocked to see the video.

“Oh, my gosh,” Noreen Campbell said. “It’s really scary and awful.”

“Obviously, could have killed somebody, caused a serious accident,” Steven Gunther said. “Thankfully, it was only maybe property damage.”

King says he is glad he was able to get the car to pull over when he did.

“I was just trying to keep everyone from getting hurt,” King said. “I just wanted people to be safe.”

King told us the woman who was hit had her kids in the car. Everyone was OK.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office says the man driving the other car received a citation for the crash.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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