Tommy Bohanon Foundation hosts first ever charity softball game

An annual holiday tradition is getting a new twist in 2020. The Tommy Bohanon Foundation hosts a toy drive every year. But this year, they added a new addition, their first-ever charity softball game.

The goal was to bring people together while also supporting families in need. And, of course, making sure kids in the community have a great holiday season after such a rough year.

Katie Bojanon is the executive director of the foundation and Tommy’s wife. “A lot of parents being out of work and unable to have that Christmas spirit and that Christmas surprise for their children on Christmas morning,” she said. “The biggest thing for us was that no child was left behind this holiday season and everyone gets some kind of holiday cheer.”

The only thing you had to do to participate in the game, or just watch, was bring a toy.

Kaden Frost came to Sunday’s game. “We brought a whole bunch of them like little games for kids and we even donated the rock em sock em type game,” Frost said.

Marcus Haupt says this event really showcased the strength of the community. “We always talk about how strong a community we are and this just goes to prove that we’re one to be reckon with for sure,” said Haupt.

While the Bohanon’s did want people to have a fun Sunday, they also want to remind you that it’s about making sure families have a great Christmas.

“You’re probably making their dreams tenfold in the long run and really noticing that the community is behind you even when you think the world isn’t behind you right now,” Bohanon said.

The Tommy Bohanon Foundation believes that by the time the drive is over, they will have collected over 1,000 toys. They are still accepting donations as a part of their Giving Tuesday efforts.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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