School collects 100 teddy bears for state troopers after student loses brother in crash

Florida Highway Patrol received 100 teddy bears donated by a group of students who collected them. The effort sparked after an 8-year-old girl lost her 14-year-old brother in an Alva crash in November. After the crash, FHP told us they were running out of bears to give to families of victims.

“I thank them a lot, and I hope they know that I love them all,” Kaylee Nahm said.

Kaylee lost her brother Ethan in a crash on Nov. 4. He and their 16-year-old sister were going to pick Kaylee up from school when they got into a crash that killed Ethan.

FHP Lt. Greg Bueno collects teddy bears for the siblings when there is a crash like this. He delivered one to Kaylee.

Kaylee and her classmates at the Crestwell School wanted to give back to Bueno.

“We are always looking for ways to get back to the community,” said Tina Parsons, the head of school. “Today, we were able to send Florida state troopers with over 100 stuffed animals that our kids collected throughout the month of November.”

Parsons told us they put flyers up in the school and used an app to spread the word. The response was big, and Kaylee said it meant the world to her.

“Learning what Trooper Bueno does with the bears really brought it home to all of us,” Parsons said. “That anyone of us can be affected and just buy something as simple as a teddy bear. Someone else can feel comforted because of our generosity.”

School collects 100 teddy bears for state troopers after student loses brother in crash.

Crestwell School said it will continue to collect stuffed animals for Florida Highway Patrol.

“It was a great opportunity for Kaylee to remember her brother, Ethan,” Parsons said.

And Kaylee will never forget when Bueno and FHP supported her at a time when she needed it most.

“I cried a little bit because I thought that the police officer was being really sweet and kind,” Kaylee said.

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Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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