Keeping those Christmas gifts a surprise until they arrive at your door

While technology does help us keep track of all the orders we’ve made, it also at times can give too many updates that lead to spoiling a surprise.

For Amazon packages, you can use map tracking to find out where your gifts are and when they’ll get to you.

“Which helps the customer see when an item is 10 stops away or less from getting to their home,” said Alyssa Bronikowski, a spokesperson for Amazon.

Then, to keep Alexa from spilling the beans about your upcoming order, open the Alexa App, go to settings, notifications, Amazon Shopping, and uncheck delivery updates.

You can also manage deliveries to make sure you’re home within the estimated delivery window. “That’s available via the app; it gives customers a two- to four-hour window of when the package will arrive,” Bronikowski said.

You can also get items sent to an Amazon Locker so the person you’re buying for won’t see their gift. Once you get the item you ordered, archive the order on Amazon so it’s out of sight.

If you’re still looking for ideas on what to get, clear your computer’s browsing history to keep the recipient from eying it.

Writer:Drew Hill
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