President Trump’s Thanksgiving statement could go against previous warnings

Many people across the country celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently this year. Health officials discouraged gathering in large groups.

President Trump delivered a message of holiday cheer for Thanksgiving.

“On behalf of the entire Trump family I want to wish every American a healthy and very happy Thanksgiving,” said President Trump.

But some of President Trump’s words Thursday were at odds with his own official Thanksgiving Day proclamation. It goes through the history of today’s celebration as well as the president acknowledging the pandemic and how it has changed things.

He then encourages all Americans to gather for the holidays, which goes against CDC guidelines.

Dr. Erin Sauber-Schatz works for the CDC. “We are really recommending that people stay home, celebrate at home, and celebrate with those who live with them.”

The CDC’s message has been echoed by President Trump’s Secretary for Health Dr. Brett Giroir.

“Listen to the CDC guidance, and look, no one’s trying to cancel Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Giroir. “What I urge Americans to do is make a good choice for you. If you can defer travel and have Thanksgiving on Valentine’s Day, do that.”

On Thursday, Johns Hopkins reported more than 181,000 new coronavirus cases and nearly 2,300 deaths in the United States. The CDC said the latest surge is mainly being caused by asymptomatic people gathering with others indoors.

Giroir thinks we can’t afford to relax right now.

“We can get through this together, but this is a really dangerous, critical time over Thanksgiving,” Giroir said. “I urge America, just for a few more weeks, a couple more months, you’ve got to follow the guidance.”

The Trump Administration expects to deliver 40 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to all 50 states by the end of 2020.

Reporter:Veronica Marshall
Writer:Drew Hill
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