Collier County says no violation for sign with profanity toward Biden on home

A vulgar sign hangs on a home in Collier County near a popular spot for boaters. It has offensive words directed at President-elect Joe Biden. We learned about concerns from neighbors.

You can only see a sign with the “F” word from the water. It’s along a popular channel for boaters. All politics aside, the problem most have with it is the big four-letter word that was too offensive for our newscast to show on TV and to share in our web story.

We checked with Collier County, and a complaint had been filed about the homeowner’s sign. According to code enforcement, there is no violation.

A family visiting the area was not impressed with the neighbor’s sign.

”Our niece has a home in Naples, Florida, her husband and their three children,” visitor Tom Baiochhi said.

Warm weather on the water is paradise for Rhonda and Tom Baiocchi.

“We took off Detroit the 21st,” Tom said.

The couple are in Southwest Florida with 10 kids on vacation.

“Thanksgiving tomorrow,” Tom said. “We’ll have the whole gang.”

On their boat ride out to Keewaydin Island, an alarming sight posted on a home left the wrong message.

”That language is not appropriate for families or anybody really,” Tom said.

The Biden sign displaying the “F” word caught the eye of many boaters.

“I’m a local realtor myself, and if there’s other people that are trying to sell property nearby, that may be considerable for them,” Anthony Reiser said.

We called the homeowner and ask them about the sign, sharing some of the concerns from people we spoke to. The homeowner told us there is a lot worse happening for the world to see these days, whether on the internet or visiting cities.

The homeowner also told us the sign is his right to share through freedom of speech and freedom of expression. He told us no one has the right to tell him to take it down.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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