Neighbors upset about nuisance trash filling street near homes

Trash is taking over a street near where families live.

Homeowners in Golden Gate Estates worry trash building up on DeSoto Boulevard N will bring dangerous animals to their neighborhoods.

“People should respect their community,” Lynn Schmars said.

“I see trash on the corners and on empty lots,” Carlos Lazaro said.

A big pile still sits on the dead-end street, and people fear it could bring other hazards.

“Well, if it’s garbage, you’re going to bring in rats and things and coyotes,” Schmars said.

“It’s a contamination to the Earth,” Lazaro said. “Besides, it doesn’t look good either.”

Evelyn Longa, with Collier County Utilities, says trash dumping is illegal.

“Obviously, you cannot just drive down a road and leave your trash there,” Longa said.

If caught, people can receive a $500 fine from Collier County Sheriff’s Office, but it’s hard to catch.

“We rely on people to report it,” Longa said. “And then we take care of it as best as we can after that and notify the proper authorities.”

The county asks everyone to keep an eye on their community. The county said it will assess the trash dump and how it will be removed hopefully by Wednesday.

“It can be a problem. If we ignore it, it will get worse.”

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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