Newlan departs as Cape Coral’s police chief, prepares for school district role

It’s the end of era in Southwest Florida’s largest city.

Friday marked Police Chief Dave Newlan’s last day at Cape Coral Police Department, as he gets ready to transition to his new security management role with The School District of Lee County.

“I’m going to miss here. I’m going to miss my police family. This community has been great,” Newlan said.

For decades, Newlan served the Cape Coral community while proudly wearing a police uniform.

“This has been 30 years of my life,” Newlan said.

He started as an officer, became a detective and then a training officer before becoming police chief.

“It’s going to be tough leaving, but I wasn’t ready to retire,” Newlan said.

Dec. 1, he will take on the job of executive director of safety, security and emergency management.

“What’s more important than protecting our kids, or future, being mentors to our children?” Newlan said.

For Newlan’s official last day as CCPD chief, he took time to reflect on what his department has accomplished — from taking down major criminals to swearing in some of Cape Coral’s newest youth officers.

The outgoing chief of police told us he’s very proud how the department advanced on his watch.

“We’ve got a new training facility that we’re working on that’s being built and the things we brought, newer technology, the fact that were the only municipality that’s accredited through not only law-enforcement but communications and forensics in the state of Florida,” Newlan said.

Newlan won’t completely leave CCPD behind. He will still work with officers in the city to protect kids through the department’s partnership with the District.

Deputy Chief Tony Sizemore was named interim chief at CCPD, while the City of Cape Coral’s nationwide search is underway for a permanent replacement.

As he moves onto his next chapter in life, Newlan expressed the honor he’s had as chief of Cape Coral Police Department.

“It’s been a privilege to be the chief of police in Cape Coral, so I want to thank our community,” he said. “I want to thank all my officers, my staff for their support and for giving me this opportunity.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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