Fort Myers Police Department headquarters. (Credit: WINK News)
Fort Myers Police Department Headquarters. Credit: WINK News.

Police urge public vigilance amid car thefts, burglaries in Fort Myers

Fort Myers Police Department is bringing public attention to recent car thefts and burglaries in the city, as the holidays near.

A map shared by the police department shows where related crimes took place from Nov. 6 to 19. These crimes involved cars that were nearly all unlocked, and the ones stolen had keys inside, according to FMPD.

Credit: Fort Myers Police Department.

This is an effort by the police department to promote the “Lock It Or Lose It” campaign by law enforcement agencies.

Public assistance is encouraged as part of the solution to reducing “easily prevented crimes and loss of property.”

“We know the holidays are approaching, and these crimes of opportunity will increase; however, with more [public service announcements] and awareness, we hope people will be vigilant,” FMPD sent in its email.

Writer:WINK News
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