Billy now, nearly a month after arriving at the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. (Credit: Cape Coral Animal Shelter)

Neglected dog getting better, almost ready for adoption, Cape Coral Animal Shelter says

A severely neglected dog taken in by the Cape Coral Animal Shelter is gaining weight and nearly ready for adoption.

The shelter received an emergency plea for “Billy” on Oct. 23 for help from animal control in a neighboring county. The dog was found severely emaciated and full of scars.

Liz McCauley, executive director of the Cape Coral Animal Shelter, said Billy was so malnourished that she thought the dog was a puppy. As it turns out, he’s 5 years old.

“It’s just from a life of always being undernourished and never being healthy so he looks younger than what he really is, which is sad,” she said.

Billy when he arrived at the Cape coral Animal Shelter. (Credit: Cape Coral Animal Shelter)

“He just was neglected and I think those of us that have dogs and cats, they’re family. They sleep in bed with us at night. They go on vacation with us. That wasn’t the life that Billy had, but I think he will now.”

She was right. The shelter said Thursday that Billy has gained more than 20 pounds in his foster home and will soon be ready for adoption.

“Billy is a healthy, happy pup and will make someone very happy!” McCauley said Thursday.

She was unable to give any updates about the investigation into Billy’s past because it’s still ongoing.

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