Tropical Storm Iota forms in the Central Caribbean

Tropical Storm Iota formed earlier today in the central Caribbean. As of 10 pm, the storm has 40 mph sustained winds and is moving to the south-southwest at 3 mph.

Iota will be moving into a conducive environment for additional strengthening, and is forecast to become a Category 1 hurricane by Saturday night. From there, a period of rapid intensification is looking likely, where it should then jump to a Category 2 hurricane by Sunday, and then a major Category 3 hurricane by Monday before making landfall near the Honduras-Nicaragua border.

The good news? Iota is not expected to pose any threat to the United States. Unlike what we saw with Eta, this system will not be allowed to turn northward thanks to a blocking area of high pressure set to build over the Gulf of Mexico and Florida early next week.

We’ll continue to monitor this system just in case anything changes, but for right now, this is not looking like it will be a worry to any part of the United States, including Florida.



Reporter:KC Sherman
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