Downtown Fort Myers at Park Street and Fowler St. (Credit: Fort Myers Police Department)

Eta brings plenty of water to SWFL and up along West Coast Florida

Tropical Storm Eta brought lots of water to what would normally be dry land in Southwest Florida. Many communities were dealing with standing water encroaching on homes Wednesday night, as the storm continued to move north and put other parts of the state under advisories.

Our crews were out and about from Fort Myers Beach and as far north as St. Petersburg — an example of the spread Eta had across the state.

Fort Myers Beach

On Fort Myers Beach water was moving up toward businesses, some with water getting into them.

Punta Gorda

In Punta Gorda, neighbors saw high water go up to their driveways, and the roads in the downtown area looked like rivers.

St. Pete Beach

Our crew was along the coast where high tide could be seen on St. Pete Beach into the night, as the storm neared closer to that part of the state.

Reporter:Justin Kase
Breana Ross
Sydney Persing
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