What you need to know about insurance before a storm and it’s too late

While preparing for a storm, the first thing we think to do is stock our dry goods, fill up our cars, and trim our yards. But there’s something else you should get in order sooner than later.


If your homeowner, renter, or car insurance policies are online, print them out or screenshot them on your phone so you have copies accessible to you after a storm.

You don’t want to risk losing power or the internet and not be able to access them.

Once they’re handy, double-check that you’re renewed and paid up-to-date.

The front page of your homeowner’s insurance policy is the declaration page and will have the contact information for the company.

Know in advance which number to call if you need a tarp and which one to call for claims. A tarp request would fall under covered loss and emergency services.

Also, review your coverage breakdown so there aren’t any surprises down the road. It may be dozens of pages, but you don’t want to be surprised when it’s too late.

And if you can’t stay in your home or apartment, maintain a paper trail and keep all of your receipts.

Make sure you know what your HOA allows. Some won’t allow certain window coverings, while others have a limit as to how long you can leave hurricane shutters up.

One other note. You can buy flood insurance now, but it won’t kick in for 30 days.

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