Heisman Trophy winner speaks to kids at South Fort Myers HS

Charlie Ward, the Heisman Trophy winner and former FSU quarterback, spoke to students Friday at South Fort Myers High School. The football star turned professional basketball player is helping Southwest Florida’s own become successful adults.

Ward was a difference maker on the field with the Seminoles and the NBA’s New York Knicks. Now, he’s making a difference in the community

“Whatever your passion is, you have to find it and soar in your strength,” Ward said.

Ward explained to students most people struggle on their way to success.

“A lot of people deem success as accolades and those kinds of things, but a lot of times, you don’t see the hardships and the tough times that you have to go through to be successful,” Ward said.

Ward told us he enjoys talking to community youth.

“It kind of drives a point home if that person is someone they deem as successful,” Ward said.

The star’s virtual appearance was part of an installation ceremony for South Fort Myers High School’s “Jobs for Florida Graduates” program.

This first-year program gives 65 students lessons on resume writing, the job search and help find what career they are passionate about.

Principal Ed Matthews told us the program can be a life changer.

“Every student who is in that program knows that when they graduate they have an opportunity for success,” Matthews said. “And when you have hope for a kid where they know not only that it’s something that might happen but that it will happen that totally changes who they are as a student.”

Ward looks to continue to help youths down the right path.

“I just hope it sinks in that this is the right way to go,” Ward said.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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