SWFL trooper wants deadly Alva crash to remain in minds of drivers on the road

Florida Highway Patrol is reminding everyone to be careful on the road after tragedy struck a family in Southwest Florida. Wednesday, a 14-year-old boy died in an Alva crash along State Road 80. His sister, 16, tried to turn left in front of a box truck when they were hit. She remains in serious condition.

We spoke to FHP Lt. Greg Bueno, who responded to the crash and the family of the teens. When he rolled up to the crash scene, he told us he feared the worst, and it came true.

Bueno makes the tough house calls, and that’s what he did the day of the crash to tell the parents of a teenager their son died in a crash, and their daughter was being treated at the hospital. Like he always does, Bueno brought the boy’s siblings some bears.

“It doesn’t fix anything. It’s not an answer to anything. It’s just kids are innocent, and we want to do anything to lessen that trauma as much as possible,” Bueno explained.

It is the very worst part of a job Bueno loves very much.

“It breaks your heart to tell them that their loved one is not going to be home for dinner today,” Bueno said.

Bueno wants everyone who gets on the road to remember this crash.

The teenagers were heading eastbound on SR-80, with the sister behind the wheel. They got into the turn lane, preparing to make a left onto Broadway Street. At the same time, a white box truck made its way down SR-80 westbound toward the car with the brother and sister inside.

According to FHP, when the car went to go left, it went right into the path of the truck. The front of the truck hit the passenger side of the teenager’s car. That’s where the victim was sitting.

During our conversation with Lt. Greg Bueno, he explained to us he is running out of bears to give to the families of victims.

“It’s kind of sad that I’m running low because there’s a reason I’m running low,” he said.

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Reporter:Sydney Persing
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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