2 Fort Myers women featured in costume design contest on national TV

Published: October 30, 2020 10:59 PM EDT

Two Fort Myers women were featured on national TV Friday.

Nicole Wilcox and Rachael White were both on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” for their costume contest.

Wilcox says it took 500 hours of work to make her costume as the “Sleeping Beauty” villain Maleficent. She made her costume out of floor mats from a kid’s playroom.

“It was 100 percent worth it,” Wilcox said. “I feel absolutely fierce in this costume.”

Wilcox did not take first but did get $1,000 for being a finalist. She wasn’t the only one featured.

And Kelly Ripa wore White’s Joe Exotic shirt under a plaid shirt during the show, and Executive Producer Michael Gelman wore another item of hers.

Rachael spoke to us about her experience on the show.

“It was pretty wild, but, you know, it’s 2020. Anything can happen,” she said.

Rachael owns a business in Southwest Florida and says she had to change her business model because of the pandemic. She started introducing “Tiger King” apparel, and it took off.