Presidential campaigns race to garner support, not worried about early polls

With five days until the election, a new poll shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a five-point lead over President Donald Trump in Florida. A Monmouth University poll finds Biden leading among women by double digits. Both campaigns are moving full steam ahead regardless of early poll indications.

We spoke to notable political party members on both sides Thursday — Sen. Tim Kaine (D) and White House Press Sec. Kaleigh McEnany (R) — who both shared confidence in the presidential candidates they support.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton put Kaine on her ticket as vice president. Kaine told us he knows what Kamala Harris and Biden are feeling days ahead of the election. They are not overconfident.

Reporter Morgan Rynor: If anyone knows, it’s you, that polls don’t always tell the full truth. Do you think that right now we should be looking at polls?

Kaine: I think you should, but you have to take em with a grain of salt. And I will say, one of the things about the Biden polls that make me feel better is polling is one thing, but early vote, that’s a real number.

McEnany told us not to bother with polls either.

McEnany: The silent majority is real, and they’re showing up on Nov. 3.

Reporter: What else are you going to do to make sure that he doesn’t just win, but he wins by a big margin?

McEnany: One of the things that we’re doing in contrast to the other campaigns is taking our message directly to the American people. This president has a very aggressive campaign schedule. He’ll be starting five a day rallies here in short order.

Reporter: What do you think is going to happen on election night?

Kaine: I think Joe Biden is going to win and win sizably.

McEnany told us the president is going to step up his rally game

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Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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