Naples boy, 6, donates piggy bank savings to St. Matthew’s House shelter

A Naples 6-year-old stopped by the St. Matthew’s House on Tuesday to donate some money from his piggy bank.

Charlie Riddell gave $5 and St. Matthew’s House said that makes him their youngest donor on record. Charlie’s mom, Emily, added $45 to her son’s $5 to make it an equal $50 for the Campbell Lodge shelter, which houses families.

Emily Riddell said that she and her husband are striving to teach their children the importance of being generous to others while also learning good money management skills through the use of the three-bucket system – saving, spending and giving away.

Charlie said to earn the $5, he did the laundry and helped his mom around the house.

“I was going through my money, and some’s for spending, some’s for saving, and some’s for donating. And I chose $5 to donate because it helps other people,” Charlie said.

Charlie and his mom also got to tour the facility to see how it helps people in the community.

“It’s really great to know that something like this is here for some of the families, and knowing that some of the families can stay together I think really resonates with me, because as a mother I can’t imagine having to be separated when you’re going through such a hard time,” Emily Riddell said.

Writer:WINK News
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