Dealing with the pain of a miscarriage

Having a child is the best time for parents, but some never get to experience that joy.

Former model Chrissy Teigen shared with the world the utter pain she says she went through when she recently had a miscarriage.

It’s a heartbreaking loss shared by so many and a bereavement counselor says this happens more than people know.

Teigen offered an intimate look at her miscarriage and its aftermath, sharing an article Tuesday on Medium. “Even as I write this now, I can feel the pain all over again,” she wrote.

The Hollywood celeb announced Sept. 30 that she and her husband, singer John Legend, lost their son Jack at just 20 weeks. Her Instagram post touched a nerve with many families because losing a pregnancy is something women experience every day.

“Fifteen to 20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage,” said Trish Childress, director of supportive services at Avow in Naples.

She said miscarriage is something people don’t talk about enough.

“Unfortunately, I would like to say it’s more often than it is so that we can address this type of sadness and loss but the reality is it isn’t.”

She thinks that’s something that needs to change.

“If there’s one thing that I could ever say to anybody when it comes to loss is talk about it, don’t be afraid to ask that person how they’re feeling.”

In her story, Teigen shared how many have reached out to her, something Childress says goes a long way.

“My idea of OK and your idea of OK may be very different. so just acknowledging this happened, I think is really important,” Childress said.

“Anytime anybody is in the public eye and we can make it where we can learn something from it, I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Avow in Naples has a child support loss group on Saturdays that is run by licensed bereavement counselors. They also have a support talk channel on their YouTube page for those who aren’t yet ready to talk with a group. For more information, click here.

Writer:Jackie Winchester
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