Fort Myers woman sues apartment complex over ‘unsafe conditions’

Mold, trash filling the street and police called often. That’s what one woman says is happening at her Fort Myers apartment complex and now, her daughter has filed a lawsuit.

The violence reported at Sunrise Towers on Central Avenue finally caught up with Twanna Young’s family.

“I was at the daycare getting my baby and someone called saying hurry up, hurry up, get home, your daughter was just shot,” Young said.

Her daughter Tyronda Henderson had been shot in the leg and the suspect is still out there, so while police continue to search for the shooter, Henderson is fighting back in a different way: She’s suing the owners of her mother’s complex for failing to protect everyone.

“Very unsafe. There should be more security,” said Twanna Young.

The lawsuit says Watersong Realty Series I, the owners of Sunrise Towers, had “knowledge of criminal activity” on the property and should have known “security measures…were either non-existent, lacking (and) inadequate.”

“So she got two bullet holes she has to look at for the rest of her life,” said Twanna Young.

The complex served her with an eviction notice just moments before she spoke with WINK News.

“I was shocked,” she said.

Why? Because ironically, one of her other children got into a fight and was arrested.

“It’s been horrible. And it’s not just me that’s been targeted; they’re targeting several residents.”

That isn’t going to stop the lawsuit. She wants a judge to hold the owners accountable.

“I have to do everything for her. I have to drive her, I have to take her to the doctor and things like that, and I don’t mind because that’s my daughter, but still yet she was independent, doing things on her own,” Twanna Young said.

She said she has no idea when her daughter will be well enough to return to work. As for her eviction, she has seven days to move out.

WINK News reached out to the owner of Sunrise Towers, but no one got back to us.

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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