Sen. Amy Klobuchar campaigns for Biden in Lee County

Published: October 24, 2020 7:04 AM EDT
Updated: October 25, 2020 6:42 AM EDT

Sen. Amy Klobuchar came to Lee County on Saturday to campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris ahead of the November election.

The event took place at the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee Office on McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers.

Klobuchar said she understands that Southwest Florida typically leans more right but she came here because she said every part of Florida will be crucial in winning the election. “I grew up in an area that voted Republican a long, long time, and then over these last few years, things changed.”

She also said Florida has had it rough with the COVID-19 crisis. “You’ve got more seniors than average and you’ve got one out of five small businesses shuttered right now.”

WINK News Political Reporter Morgan Rynor asked Klobuchar about financial relief for businesses, which is still tied up in Congress. “President Trump has consistently said it’s the Democrats holding back the relief from the American people. What is your response to that and is it true?” Rynor asked.

“Sadly, it’s not true, and I wish our president told the truth more but it’s not true,” Klobuchar responded. “The house passed a bill and it’s been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk.”

When Klobuchar isn’t hitting the campaign trail for the Biden-Harris Ticket, she’s in D.C. for Supreme Court hearings.

“Do you think the Democrats will try anything else or will Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed very soon?” Rynor asked.

“You know, you never know until it’s done. We had two Republicans vote with us because they just don’t think her views are what we need on the court right now,” answered Klobuchar.

Klobuchar will be back in D.C. soon, as the full Senate vote takes place on Monday.

Morgan also asked the senator if she plans on running for president again in the future and she said she has no plans currently to run. Right now, she’s focused on helping Joe Biden.