Overnight fire that destroyed Cape Coral duplex ruled accidental

Two families have been left to clean up after an overnight fire in Cape Coral destroyed their homes.

Around 2:30 a.m. Friday, a fire broke out at a duplex on Del Pine Drive between Northeast Pine Island Road and Pondella Road, behind the Target shopping plaza.

“I was asleep when I heard a loud bang outside, so I woke up and I went to my rear window and opened my blinds and looked to my right—I see a big fire,” said neighbor Daryl Anderson. First thing in my head was go ahead and grab my phone, run out the door and call 911.”

One side of the duplex is vacant and the other family was not home at the time, so there were no injuries. The damage to the house, including a caved-in roof, is severe enough that one firefighter on the scene called it a total loss. The fire has been ruled accidental.

The fire originated from the outside lanai utility room and spread, causing the duplex to be a total loss.

Reporter:Janae Muchmore
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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