Don’t fall victim to campaign scams as election enters home stretch

We’re in the home stretch leading up to Election Day, but candidates are still asking for your money to help their campaigns get to the end.

The commercials are nonstop, signs are everywhere, and the texts and calls are coming in.

But the person on the other end of the call saying they are raising money for a candidate, conducting a poll, or even say they are the candidate themselves, could be a scammer.

The Better Business Bureau has put out a warning.

Carrie Kerskie, a cybersecurity expert, says it can be difficult to identify the call as a scam, “Trying to determine if a phone number calling you, displayed in caller ID is legitimate or not is impossible, so you can’t believe any phone number you see.”

Some tips to make sure your money goes where you want it to:

  • Donate directly to the campaign
  • Beware of spoofed calls
  • Beware of prize offers
  • Never give personal information
  • Do your homework

These scams can happen through mail, on social media, or via text so the best advice it just to be aware and skeptical.


Click to access DNI_NCSC_Elections_Brochure_Final.pdf

Reporter:Rich Kolko
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