Ivanka Trump headlines MAGA event in south Fort Myers

Ivanka Trump headlined a “Make America Great Again” event in south Fort Myers on Wednesday. She also attended an invitation-only private fundraising event at an undisclosed location in Naples.

The remarks at Top Rocker Field at Six Bends were very similar to her speech at the Republican National Convention – and the crowd of about 1,000 ate it up.

Trump stressed the importance of voting, saying, “13 days from now, we are going to once again win Florida.”

She talked mostly about the economy and jobs, but also school choice. “The best investment we can make is an investment in the next generation.”

But she also took a moment to joke about the president’s love of Twitter. “I recognize that my father’s communication style is not to everyone’s taste, and his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered.”

Trump did get personal, talking about the nation’s response to the pandemic. “As a mom of three young kids, I know I can speak for all the parents out there when I say that my appreciation for teachers is at an all-time high.”

President Trump’s senior campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp also took the stage, saying to ignore what the analysts and the polls are saying.

Polls out Wednesday morning suggest Joe Biden is winning.

With optimism, Ivanka said, “I got to tell you, the energy, the momentum, across this country for President Trump is unprecedented.”

In response to Ivanka Trump’s rally in Fort Myers, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

More empty promises peddled by the Trump family isn’t going to change the fact that Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to beat back this pandemic and rebuild our economy.

As Donald Trump botched our federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, areas like Fort Myers, with a large senior population and reliance on tourism have paid the price.

More than 220,000 Americans have died, yet Trump continues to ignore the science, attack Dr. Fauci, and pretend like the pandemic is over — even as thousands more get infected every single day.

Floridians need a leader like Joe Biden who doesn’t shrink away from big problems, but tackles them head-on. Enough with the lies and chaos, make a plan to vote at iwillvote.com to cast your ballot by November 3rd.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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